Smart Wear


Smart Wear

Smart wear, also known as wearable equipment is the application of wear technology for daily wear intelligent design, can be developed to wear the general term for equipment, such as glasses, gloves, watches, clothing and shoes.


Market expectation

The global wearable equipment market in 2016 was higher than expected, particularly in the fourth quarter, reaching 33.9 million units, up 16.9% year on year. 2016 annual shipments increased by 25%, the top five wearable equipment suppliers are also constantly updated their product line. According to the International Data Corporation released data, as of the end of last year, the world's wearable equipment shipments reached 102 million.


  Technology giants have smart wear equipment into the company's potential main business, second only to smart phones and Tablet PC, small and medium enterprises are gradually force, innovation and constantly strengthen.


  Earlier, the wearable equipment went through an important turning point, with two distinct application directions, one moving in the health direction; another important direction for health care applications, especially in the sensor and chip supporting upgrades to be able to spread in the medical field development of.


  In addition to the top five equipment manufacturers, the entire industry is also rapidly expanding, is to tap the market can wear the market segment. We can see that the Chinese market has become the core market for wearable equipment growth.