2020 fire drill actual combat

Date:2020-05-18 Views:484

  At noon on May 15th,in order to implement the company's fire protection work and improve the emergency response capabilities of employees,Zbit Semiconductor held the 2020 fire drill.The drill was divided into fire emergency treatment and emergency response for escape and power outage.

  At the beginning of the drill,Manager Zhou briefly introduced the content of the fire drill and some precautions to all employees~

  Fire emergency treatment and escape

  Before the drill,the speaker emphasized in the introduction:employees must always use electricity safely,and the last person needs to make sure that the power supply of the power strip is turned off before the last person gets off work.However,the occurrence of fire is accidental,in case of fire.,We also need to have certain emergency handling capabilities.At least we should know how fire extinguishers should be used,where are the fire channels,and if the fire source cannot be extinguished,how to quickly enter the fire channels and evacuate quickly.Personal safety is always the first priority.

  Emergency treatment of power failure

  The reasons for power outages are roughly divided into two types:the company's power outage caused by a large-scale power outage in the road network and the company's outage caused by local factors.

  The first type can only wait for the power supply company to resume supply.For the second type of power outage processing,the administrative commissioner led all the staff to visit the power equipment room from the first floor to the fifth floor,and introduced the safe handling of power switches and trips on each floor.Way etc.