Zbit Attends the "Learning" and "Skills" Fireworks Conference

Date:2019-11-11 Views:297

  "Learning" and "Skills" fireworks show

 Tsinghua University-Advantest AI & Memory Technology Seminar

  From November 7th to 8th,2019,Advantest and Tsinghua University jointly presented a fireworks show of"learning"and"technique"in this Tsinghua Park,known as the"cradle of red engineers"for the first time.

  Dr.Xiangdong Lv,President and CEO of Hefei Zbit Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.attended the meeting and reported on Zbit's latest development of NOR flash memory-based AI reasoning chip development and its future application value.

  This seminar launched a series of brilliant topics around AI and memory technology.For example,many industry topics such as the most popular deep learning,high-performance computing,reconfigurable computing,DRAM products,enterprise-level SSD,etc.have been fully interpreted and discussed by various academic leaders.

  The storage-computing integrated AI reasoning chip based on NOR flash memory developed by Zbit Semiconductor is the first in China and internationally leading.It overcomes the"storage wall"bottleneck of the traditional von Neumann architecture and has a huge competitive advantage in power consumption and cost.It has a wide range of application prospects in the field of edge computing such as consumer electronics and industrial Internet of things,wearable terminal equipment,smart home,smart medical care,etc.Zbit has always insisted on continuous progress and innovation,always standing at the forefront of advanced technology,through the convergence of industries Upstream and downstream forces,together with partners,strive to achieve China's"chip"power.