Hello, July!

Date:2021-07-02 Views:237

In June, CEO Xiang Dong Lu was invited to attend Xiamen IC summit and alumni forum of China Science and technology conference to discuss supply chain security of semiconductor industry, share technical experience and enable industrial development.

Support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the coordinated development of capital and talents, and promote the semiconductor industry forward. Training excellent talents and concentrating R & D force in semiconductor industry is what hengshuo development has been insisting on.

In July, everything is verdant and warm.

On the first day of July, hengshuo's wechat group was extremely lively. About 10 new partners were welcomed in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hefei offices to join digital analog design, layout design, FAE, sales and other posts. These young forces injected fresh vitality into the company, cultivated excellent semiconductor talents, and promoted the company's better development.