Zbit participates in ICCAD 2021

Date:2021-12-31 Views:23

"China integrated circuit design industry 2021 conference and Wuxi integrated circuit industry innovation and Development Summit Forum" was held in Wuxi International Expo Center from December 22 to 23, 2021. With the theme of "cohesion and empowerment, integration and innovation", this annual meeting will deeply explore the opportunities and challenges faced by the integrated circuit industry, especially the integrated circuit design industry; Enhance the innovation ability and enhance the comprehensive ability of China's integrated circuit industry chain, so as to meet the market demand and improve international competitiveness.

Zbit semiconductor was invited to participate in the event and has a product exhibition in exhibition area 188-189, hall A6, Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. It mainly shows the company's main product nor flash memory chip and arm based memory chip ® Cortex ®- General 32-bit MCU chip based on M0 + kernel architecture. The scene attracted many customers and experts to watch and consult. Hengshuo semiconductor chip has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, good performance, high reliability and low cost.

The company is also committed to developing a memory computing integrated terminal reasoning AI chip based on NOR flash memory technology, and providing a complete solution for edge computing. Dr. LU, CEO of Zbit semiconductor, delivered a speech at the IC design and Application Forum: artificial intelligence terminal reasoning chip based on NOR Flash technology.

The exhibition was successfully held. While communicating with peers and being recognized by old customers, hengshuo also gained a lot of new customers. With the continuous growth of emerging application demand in product application field and the continuous expansion of application field, hengshuo is developing at a high speed. At present, it has applied for IPO and accepted by science and innovation board. Please continue to pay attention to Zbit.