New employee induction training for the first quarter of 2020

Date:2020-04-08 Views:343

  Zbit always insists that talents are the company's most valuable asset,and training is the direction to guide the company's comprehensive talent strategy.

  Recently,the company's human resources department conducted an induction training for employees who entered the first quarter.During the training,the speaker gave a serious and comprehensive introduction to the company’s historical profile,organizational structure,management system,and corporate culture;and answered the new employees’questions about company management in a humorous language.In a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere,Together they discussed the work and life problems that new employees have encountered since joining the company and may have encountered.

  Although it is a group of new colleagues from all over the world,from now on,they have worked together.The common goal breeds the same dream.The starting point is different but the destination is the same.At this moment,young hearts are gathered together,united,never abandon,brave the wind and waves,and set sail bravely.