2018-10  A full range of 3.3V and 1.8V SPI NOR Flash Mass production
 2017-10  Sales exceeded 1 billion yuan, shipments topped 1 billion
 2017-05  65 nm 1.8V 4Mbit product NTO
 2017-03  The shippment amount of Zbit SPI Nor Flash breaks 100 million chips.
 2016-04  ShenZhen sales center was established
 2016-01  3.0V SPI NOR Flash series— 8Mbit,4Mbit tape-out
 2016-01  Sent first sample of 3.0V 16Mbit flash chip
 2015-12  Achieved “2015 Top Science and Technology Talent Team in Anhui”
 2015-11  First 65 nm Flash chip—3.0V 16Mbit SPI NOR Flash Fab-out
 2015-05  Established Research Center in Shanghai
 2015-02  Founded Hefei Zbit Technology Co., Ltd.