Digital IC Verification Engineer


operating duty:

1. According to the requirements of the system, the chip specifications and the index requirements of each module are formulated;

2. According to the chip specification, make the overall digital scheme;

3. According to the requirements, complete the digital circuit module design, simulation, coverage analysis;

4. According to the requirements, the top design integration, simulation and coverage analysis of the chip are completed;        5. Digital circuit design and verification and design verification document writing.


1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in microelectronics / Electronics / integrated circuit, more than 2 years working experience, familiar with integrated circuit manufacturing process and process;

2. Good knowledge of circuit system, familiar with the design of coding, decoding, counter and other basic digital modules;     3. Proficient in Verilog and various EDA tools, familiar with ASIC process;

4. Familiar with arm architecture and AMBA bus, SoC design experience, proficient in using Synopsys development tools, including simulation, synthesis, timing analysis, etc.; familiar with FPGA function simulation and debugging;

5. Good command of CSH, BSH or Perl scripting language.


Tel: 055165673255