Analog IC Design Engineer


Responsibilities of Analog IC Design Engineer:

1. Participate in the formulation of Analog IC specifications;

2. Be responsible for the design of analog integrated circuit, the simulation and verification of module and whole chip;

3. Cooperate with layout engineer to complete layout design;

4. Assist the test engineer to complete the test of Analog IC Engineering samples;

5. Participate in writing product manual and other related technical documents.

6. Design bandgap, operational amplifier, charge pump, LDO, clock, DAC, ADC and other chip circuits based on the selected process.

Qualification of Analog IC Design Engineer:

1. Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, integrated circuit, electronic engineering, etc;

2. Have good analog circuit design foundation, familiar with the design process, have good learning, analysis and innovation ability;

3. Have more than 1 year direct experience in analog / digital analog hybrid IC design, and be familiar with relevant EDA tools;

4. Experience in flash and EEPROM design is preferred;

5. Good communication skills in both Chinese and English (including document writing);

6. Good interpersonal communication skills, initiative and team spirit.

7. The specific salary is based on the past work experience and working ability, subject to the actual face-to-face discussion.


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