PCB Layout


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the layout design of digital and analog circuits of the project arranged;

2. Responsible for the DRC and LVS of the designed layout;

3. Other matters assigned by leaders.


1. Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, integrated circuit design, electronic engineering, etc;

2. Familiar with analog layout design, have a certain Analog Circuit Foundation;

3. Familiar with virtuoso, skillfully use calibre to check DRC and LVS;

4. Experience in layout design of OPAMP / BGR / charge pump / LDO / PLL / ADC / DAC is preferred;

5. Familiar with skills / Perl / TCL programming languages is preferred;

6. Experience in integration of mixed chip modules is preferred;

7. Process experience below 65nm is preferred;

8. Honesty and integrity, down-to-earth efforts, with a strong ability to resist pressure;

9. Good communication, learning, analysis and teamwork skills;

10. The specific salary is based on the past work experience and working ability, subject to the actual face-to-face discussion.

Email: mei.chen@zbitsemi.com

Tel: 055165673255